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Here! Now! Breastfeeding in the Strangest Places

on June 14, 2012

A little while ago, our very own MomOfThree@Bummis posted this on our Facebook Page: “If you breastfeed, at one point or another you have probably had to nurse your baby in places that are less than ideal… For me it was Halloween, and I was sitting on the curb at the side of hte road, in a costume, surrounded by kids on sugar highs, nursing my little pumpkin!”

What followed was a long list of hilarious and inspiring comments from moms describing the most unusual circumstances in which they’ve ever breastfed. Hey, if your baby’s hungry, your baby’s hungry. Sometimes the best place to breastfeed is HERE. NOW.


In 2010 Licia Ronzulli, a Member of the European Parliament in Italy, wore her baby to work.
Not sure whether she was breastfeeding, but people were nonetheless excited to see a baby in such an unexpected place, and the photo was widely circulated on the Internet.

So, where is the strangest place you’ve breastfed?

On a tractor.

At the Silent Film Festival in Topeka, Kansas! Note the word “silent” hence the need to nurse!

At my dad’s office.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Marineland in Niagara Falls. My then 3-month-old nursed during the dolphin show.

During a pelvic exam at my postpartum visit.

At a restaurant while my three-year-old cousin came to see what we were doing and started flapping my nursing cover up and down so he could play peek-a-boo with my daughter.

Slow dancing with my husband at a friend’s wedding. My son was 2.5 weeks old, and he wanted to nurse, and I wanted to dance! All three of us got to dance!

During carnaval in the Netherlands, sitting in front of a bar, dressed in a costume, nursing my Pippi Longstocking.

At a hockey game amongst 3000 yelling fans!

At the circus. (Seriously).

In was in the E.R. with Gallstones and was nursing my 5-week-old while the male nurse put in my IV. Not a very fun nursing time, but I will nurse my little one through anything!

On a bench set up in between the port-a-potties at a flea market

Standing up in the viewing gallery of the B.C. Provincial Legislature as the Lieutenant Governor was entering the Leg for his throne speech.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney Resort.

While baby was in the Ergo, while I was on the elliptical trainer.

During a doctor’s visit. The doctor did my physical while I had a baby attached to my boob. I still don’t know who deserves more credit, me or the doctor!

Home alone, doing an initial walk-through with 3 male movers from the moving company!

Giving out candy during Halloween and having a little girl scream IT’S A REAL ONE!!!

During a massage, during yoga class (you understand all the meaning of yoga when you are breastfeeding doing it), in the bath, on the toilet, at the restaurant (trying to eat at the same time). I’m breastfeeding on demand REALLY.

On my balcony in the snow in my pyjama shirt.

At the dentist while getting my teeth cleaned.

While having my IUD put in. My baby lost her mind during my exam and was hungry.

On an air plane, sitting between a congressman and a lobbyist.

In the bathroom at my wedding, in my wedding dress that had a corset top… so I had to bend the boning down… hence why I was in the bathroom!

Post written by Maeghan for our blog.


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