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Think it’s too hot for babywearing in the summer? My suggestions on how to make it a breeze… By Jin-Hee

on June 7, 2012

People are predicting this will be a really hot summer, so what are your babywearing options in the heat? I would suggest a mei tai, a gauze wrap or a ring sling.

A mei tai is an asian type carrier which has 4 straps – 2 around the waist and 2 on the shoulders. It uses the least amount of material compare to any other two shoulder carriers out in the market, and is cool and functional and lovely!

If you are a wrapper and need something lighter, a gauze wrap is a good choice. They are very breathable, non-stretchy and super easy to manipulate. If you are expecting a baby this summer, I would definitely recommend this option.  My second son was born in August and I rarely touched any other carriers for the first two months. I had over 30 carriers in my stash and my gauze wrap was all I used!

I love ring slings! They are so pretty, compact and really quick to get a baby in and out of.  Yes, it is a one shoulder carrier, so use it for shorter periods.  Ring slings are perfect when you’re shopping, cooking, breastfeeding, going for a little walk, etc.

Remember, no matter what you do – carrying a baby in the summer is going to be bit hotter than usual.  So, stay in the shade, take lots of breaks and drink water!

About me

I am originally from South Korea, but have spent most of my adult life between London (UK) and Montreal.

I started babywearing with the birth of my first child in 2006.  Carrying a baby was not something “new” to me since I grew up seeing everyone do it in Korea. However, when I saw a woman carrying a tiny baby in a wrap on a bus after I had my first baby, I thought ‘“carrying a baby” was the coolest thing ever!

From then on, I went wild with babywearing, and soon discovered how many carriers there were out there. I loved the fact that when I wore my baby I was able take care of my son and get on with my “normal” life too.  It was also a good conversation starter on the street, in a mom and toddler group, cafe, etc.

Soon after I began baby wearing, I started up an online business selling slings. It took a while to convince local moms (in London), but once they tried it, they were all hooked.  I also gave workshops on babywearing.

Although I was already an experienced babywearer, I felt I needed more training in order to be able to teach others about it.  So I went and got certified at Trageschule in Dresden, Germany, and became the first certified babywearing consultant in the UK!

Fast forward a little to Montreal…

When I began working at Bummis, I often came across customers who, although they had a carrier, were looking for a new one. When I dug deeper, I found that often these moms already had a perfectly good carrier but didn’t know how to use it correctly.  That’s why we started a babywearing clinic at Boutique Bummis!

So, if you have a question about your baby carrier, you can just pop in during one of our clinics and I will help you as much as I am able to. The most asked about carriers are ring slings and stretch wraps, but some parents come to the clinic in order to improve their back wrapping technique, for example. I am glad to say the babywearing clinic has been hugely successful and I send a big  thank you to all the parents who are spreading the word to people who need help with babywearing!


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