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New Easy Fit (with minky!) Review

on May 24, 2012

Let me start out by saying that when I initially heard that big changes were coming to the Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper, I was a little nervous. Ever since I won an Easy Fit in a Bummis blog giveaway, I fell in love with them and they have been one of my favourite diapers. My initial thoughts were “why mess with such a near-perfect thing?” However, I have been very happily surprised by the changes to the diapers. Apparently, near-perfection can indeed be turned into a whole new kind of perfection.

Some features that have changed:

The interior of the diaper:
The old Easy Fits were lined with two layers of fabric – one layer of rayon from bamboo, and one layer of microfiber. On the new version, the interior is made of minky. The minky interior should be far more durable, it eliminates the need for microfiber (which is more prone to stink issues) and, according to Tots Bots, it absorbs up to 20% more than the old interior and dries a LOT faster.

The elastic around the waist:
This is now wider, making for a tighter fit at the back, which keeps messy early poops in even better than before. Very conveniently, when I was sent these diapers for review I had a son at the top end of the weight range at about 34 lbs and was about to give birth and thus be able to test the diaper out on a baby at the bottom of the weight range at the same time. I was honestly a bit skeptical about how these would work on my tiny newborn girl, since the new stretchier waist gave a much more spacious fit on my son. However, I was happily surprised to find that they fit and worked on both children fantastically well. Kind of a shock to me, since I’ve always been more of a sized diaper kind of girl.

What I like about the New Easy Fit:

The wider waist and extra stretch gives a much nicer fit on a baby at the top of the weight range. Although our other Easy Fits (old version) still fit my 34lb son, they do tend to slide down off his bum and give him “plumbers butt.” This problem is entirely gone with the new version.

The minky interior is soft and stays soft even when line drying. A general complaint about diapers made of natural fibers is that they tend to get stiff and a bit crunchy when they are line dried. This was true of my older style Easy Fits. The minky is pretty much as soft as new, even after two months of only hang drying.

The drying time on these diapers is incredible! I live in Canada and was given these diapers mid-February in the thick of winter. I have been able to hang dry them every time because they dry so quickly. The actual drying time will of course depend on the temperature and humidity in your home, but at my house, when hung side by side, the old Easy Fit took about 12 hours to fully dry while the newer style dried in about 6 hours. Not only is hang drying better for the diapers, but it also saves money and energy not having to throw them in the dryer!

I like the snap version for my newborn, which was a complete surprise for me. I’m not a fan of snap diapers in general. My little girl has a tendency to be a bit gassy and the snaps on her provide a much less rigid line around her tummy than the hook and loop, so she can move more freely and get that gas out. She always cries less when wearing a snap diaper.

The look of them. The matching hook and loop and outer fabric look fantastic! It gives a much more polished look than the white hook and loop on the older version.

Minor issues for us:

The snaps are a little bit harder to do up and undo than other snap diapers that I’ve tried. It just means extra time putting the diaper on and taking if off, as well as needing to be careful to hold the fabric very close to the snap when undoing them.

The design of the New Easy Fit with snaps is slightly different than the New Easy Fit with hook and loop. To avoid having cross-over snaps for the smallest setting, Tots Bots made the front of the diaper slightly longer and the tabs slightly shorter on the snap version. This means that they fit fantastically on my little girl at just under 8lbs, but are on the last setting for my 34lb boy. They do fit him, but honestly it’s a bit of a struggle. That being said, the weight range on these is 8-35 lbs, so they do cover what they should.

In conclusion

All in all, I love the New Easy Fit. When I ask my son (who’s nearly 3) what he thinks, his response is that they’re like a teddy bear on his bum. He likes to snuggle with the minky. He’s extremely comfortable in his New Easy Fits, they absorb more than the old ones, they dry faster and they look great. What more could you ask for?

This review of the New Easy Fit was published by myself, but written by Malina, the social media coordinator at Bummis. You can find her on Facebook here.


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